Garlad Community Church of God



Because He Is

We Are

We Will

Our Creator, Redeemer, and Lord
He is the source of all that is good, lovely, beautiful, noble, just, true, worthy, and right.

We are His Church,
the Bride for which He came and in whom He delights.

We will remember our need for Christ, walking in humility and integrity.

Chi Rho in fellowship hall
We are frail, at times fearful, at times uncertain, and at times wayward, but we know that we are at all times His. We are prone to fall but sure to rise.  We are prone to failure but sure to succeed.  We are hard pressed but not crushed.  We are perplexed but not in despair.  Though we seem ugly, we are made beautiful in Him.  Though we know pain and sorrow, we are assured of joy.  Though we morn, we are able to dance.
We are the works of His hands.  We are purchased with a price beyond reckoning, redeemed by His blood.  We are set free.  We are living stones in the Cathedral of His making.  We are living sacrifices to the glory of His holy Name.  We are stories of His writing and songs of His singing.  We are His sons and daughters and dearly beloved.  We are the objects of His fierce and abiding love.  We are forgiven...
We are His...We are always and forever His
He is the One who spoke all that is into existence and sustains it by His will...the One who sits upon the circle of the earth and hung it in nothingness...the One who stretched out the heavens like a curtain...the One who elegantly wove the double helix...the One who makes creation to dance on the atomic level...the One who sets the wings of every butterfly afire with color. He is the One who makes heaven and earth to tremble, yet for all this, He speaks in a whisper.
For all His might and majesty, He is the One who draws near to us...the One who remembered us...the One who came to be with us...the One who gave Himself on the cross for us....the One who fought for us...the One who was broken so that we could be made whole...the One who became ugly so that we could be made beautiful...the One who took on sorrow so that we could know joy...He is all these things and more.  He is worthy of all praise, honor, and glory.
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts.  The whole earth is filled with His glory.
We will remember that Christ came for the lost, broken, and suffering, who we have all been.
We will not forget that we owe Him all we are and all we have.
We will bear faithful witness to God's truth.
We will strive to love God with all we are and our neighbor as ourself.
We will endeavor to live in fellowship with God and eachother.
We will struggle to make disciples who will lift the Lord's Name high. 
We will make Christ's Lordship evident in our lives as we strive to love all that He loves and shun all that He shuns.
No matter how many times we fall, we will get up again.  We will never quit...not ever.